Following the success of the "My Adoption Experience" art exhibition at the 2017

anniversary event, we are mounting a different exhibition at the 5th Anniversary on the

21 March, 2018 in Brisbane. 

This time we are asking for contributions of objects or a photo of an object (not artworks) with

a short statement / story (maximum 300 words) about why that object is significant in your

adoption experience. To give you some ideas, Jane Sliwka from Jigsaw Qld has contributed

an object and story below. 

If you wish to contribute to the exhibition please contact Jigsaw Qld before Feb 14th, 2018

by email: or phone 1800 210 313 (Qld only) or 07 3358 6666.

Objects will need to be posted or delivered to Jigsaw Qld at New Farm before 7 March, 2018.

If your object is too precious or expensive to be posted, you could send a photo of your object instead. If you need help with writing the short story (max 300 words), contact Jigsaw on07 3358 6666 or 1800 210 313 (Qld only). 

Please only send one contribution per person.

Jane's contribution (pictured)

This is a Willow Tree angel titled, 'lots of love'. It was a gift from my twenty-three year old brother on my thirtieth birthday in May 2016. It is special to me because it is the first gift I ever received from him and to me, it symbolises the reciprocal relationship we have built over the past twelve years since our reunion.

When I found my birth family at the age of eighteen (my birth parents married three years after my birth), my brother was only eleven and my sister, ten. Prior to this, I had been an only child within my adoptive family. I feel extremely grateful that despite the pain and grief I have experienced as a result of my adoption, I have been able to be a part of my siblings' lives as they grew up. Now that we are all adults, we have a genuine relationship as siblings that is valued by each of us. I feel that the three hearts represent the three of us as siblings. 

I keep this angel on my desk at Jigsaw as a reminder to be hopeful when working with clients affected by adoption. When our office was broken in to in 2017, my manager, Trevor found it amusing that my angel was the first thing I asked about. Fortunately it was okay. 

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Call Forced Adoption Support Services on 1800 21 03 13

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