Share your experience of adoption and reunion with others.

Jigsaw Queensland are producing a series of videos from the perspective of people who have lived experience of adoption. Adoption and reunion are often portrayed in the mainstream media in glamorous ways, however the reality for many is far more complex.


We are beginning with two projects - one to raise awareness about adoption and the second about managing post-reunion relationships. You may like to record the video yourself on a webcam, mobile phone (landscape only) or digital video camera. 

Stuck on what to say? We have some questions you can use as the foundation for your clip below. You don't need to answer all the questions, but rather choose the ones of most interest to you.

Video files can be uploaded to Jigsaw Queensland by using the Upload Video button below. The button will direct you to the cloud sharing website Dropbox. If you don't already have one, you will need to create a FREE Dropbox account. Save your video file to your own Dropbox account and then share it with 


Uploading your video does not guarantee its use in the immediate productions, and videos may be kept for use in the future. If you are having any technical issues with your video please email .




[By uploading this video I give permission to Jigsaw Queensland to use the work in online and offline public forums.]


Below is a video published in 2014 by the Lost Daughters (USA), titled 'Adoptees "Flip the Script" that may give you some ideas for your own contributions.

Video tips:

  • Be aware that your video will be used online in a public space.

  • Don’t be derogatory towards family members or others.

  • Talk about adoption rather than talk about specific people.

  • Your audience benefits from hearing how you felt or managed a situation rather than hearing about specific events.

  • Frame your experience from an “I” perspective rather than a “you” perspective. Talk about your personal experience of adoption rather than its general practice.

  • Respect other people’s privacy and reputation.

  • Include how adoption and reunion are different to what others think.

  • Keep your responses to the point – don’t ramble. Your video should only be 5 to 10 minutes long.

  • Get permission from others if you are using a photo of them.

  • A pseudonym may be used for yourself or others. You may want to use “my mother” or “my father” rather than other people’s names.

  • Video files are large. You may need to break them down into smaller excerpts or film them in lower quality. Alternatively you can post a USB of your video files to Jigsaw Queensland and we can return it by post once we have copied the files.


Adoption InFocus - Growing Up Adopted


  • Adoption is often portrayed as being placed in a “permanent loving family”. How is your experience similar or different to this description?  

  • How did you find out you were adopted? What emotions did you feel on discovering this information?

  • What kind of reaction did you get when you spoke about adoption to others?

  • How do you think being adopted is different from being in a family with biological relatives?

  • What are the things people should never say to adopted people and why?

  • How did being adopted affect you during your teenage years?

  • How did being adopted affect you when you became an adult and left home?

  • Has your feelings about adoption changed throughout your life? In which way?

  • National Adoption Week is coming up. How do you think your adoption/reunion story differs from the accepted narrative and society?

Adoption InFocus - Post Reunion Relationships

  • Adoption Reunions on TV look like very emotional experiences.  What emotions did you go through with your reunion?

  • What were some of the biggest challenges you faced with your reunion?

  • How have you managed the weaving of your son/daughter with your family – immediate and extended?  (Mothers/Fathers)

  • How have you managed weaving your biological family with you/your family? How do you manage the balance between your adoptive family and natural family? (Adopted People)

  • How would you summarise your relationship with your son/daughter? (Mothers/Fathers)

  • How would you summarize your post-reunion relationship with your biological family? Why? (Adopted People)

  • Has your son/daughter formed stronger relationships formed stronger relationships with some family members more than others?  Why do you think the relationship has worked out this way? (Mothers/Fathers)

  • Has it been easier to maintain relationships with one family member than another? Why do you think the relationship has worked out this way? (Adopted People)

  • Many people ask whether most adoption reunions are “successful”.  How would you define “success” in reunion?

  • How do manage special events like birthdays, mother’s day and father’s day?

  • What did you find out about yourself through the reunion?

Adoption InFocus

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