Artwork by Teresa Jordan
Artwork by Teresa Jordan

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Story Bridge Lights for Jigsaw
Story Bridge Lights for Jigsaw

Photo by Marcus Bell at Studio Impressions.

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Artwork by Teresa Jordan
Artwork by Teresa Jordan

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Jigsaw Services

Jigsaw Queensland provides the following services via the phone, email and if possible and appropriate, face-to-face:


  • Information, referral and support

  • Search and reunion assistance

  • Emotional support and assistance with record searches and family tracing

  • Monthly Support Group meetings

  • Guide Book 

  • Newsletters

  • Access to the Jigsaw library


Call Jigsaw on (07) 3358 6666


Forced Adoption Support Services

Jigsaw Queensland is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services to provide forced adoption support services in Queensland.


Call 1800 21 03 13.


Providing information and support for 45 years


Welcome to Jigsaw Queensland Inc. Hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders are affected in some way by adoption. For 45 years, Jigsaw has assisted all people affected by adoption and the professionals who work with them.


Jigsaw advocates openness and honesty in adoption, believing that all people have the potential to speak honestly and openly in ways that respect each other's needs and rights. To this end, we promote enlightened public policy and practical, personal steps that may build and strengthen all family connections.


We are a non-profit, member-based organisation providing both professional and peer support. Our experience has taught us that information and support changes everything. We work with and for everyone affected by adoption, regardless of where or when the adoption took place and also provide support and information for those affected by donor-conception. Our priority is to give our attention to each person's unique needs, no matter who they are. 


The mobile website does not include all pages and features. For premium viewing this website is best viewed on a desktop/laptop. 



Our Mission: Support - Connect - Inform - Advocate

Jigsaw Queensland Membership

Latest News

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Changing of the Guard

After more than two decades serving as President of Jigsaw Queensland, Dr Trevor Jordan has stepped down from the role and the Management Committee have elected Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow to serve as the new President.


While stepping down as President, the organisation will retain Trevor’s experience and expertise as he takes up the role of CEO of Jigsaw Queensland.


Bits & Pieces

Click below to read the latest Jigsaw newsletter!


2021 Support Groups

Jigsaw Qld runs regular support groups and information events for anyone affected by adoption in Brisbane. They include adoptee only and mother only groups and information events for anyone who is affected by adoption. 

Owing to Covid-19 regulations, you must register your attendance at a support group by C.O.B. on the day before attendance to ensure numbers are within restrictions. You can register on (07) 3358 6666 or 

Note: Get the latest updates about Covid restrictions and our support group meetings including Zoom meetings via our Facebook page. Click more info (below) for address etc. 

Scheduled dates:

Open Events - Free screening of the feature-length documentary, Reckoning with the Primal Wound. More info here.

Adoptee Support Group - 9 Jan, 13 March, 8 May, 10 July, 11 Sept, 13 Nov. (1.30 to 3.30pm)

Mother's Morning Tea - 20 Jan, 17 March, 19 May, 21 July, 15 Sept, 17 Nov. (10am to 12 noon)





1991 - 30 Year Anniversary

This year (2021), marks the 30th anniversary of Queensland's historic adoption legislation amendments that came into effect on 1 June, 1991. We recently sat down with former Queensland MP, Anne Warner, who championed and sponsored the amendments in her role of Minister for Family Services and Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, and interviewed her about her recollections of this period. To commemorate the amendments and Jigsaw Qld's 45th birthday we lit up Victoria Bridge on 1 June.

Anne's interview and photos from the light up can be found on our 1991 - 30 Year Anniversary commemorative page. 

8th Anniversary of National Apology

8th Anniversary of National Apology

Click Watch Now (below) to watch highlights of the 8th Anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoptions held on Sunday, 21 March, 2021.

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Global Interest

Jigsaw Qld's new podcast, Adopt Perspective is connecting people affected by adoption around Australia and the world. The Podcast, originally envisioned to reach people who were unable to attend support groups, workshops and events because of health, transport or personal issues or because they live in regional Queensland was launched early because of the Covid-19 crisis. Read more in the 2020 Winter edition of the Bits & Pieces newsletter. (Photo: Hosts (left to right), Jane Sliwka and Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow)

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Without our consent - A Queensland Story

In 2018 the Forced Adoption Support Service at Jigsaw Qld worked with the State Library of Qld to produce a film about the history of forced adoptions with a focus on the Queensland experience. The film was based on interviews with a mother and a father who had lost a child to adoption and an adopted adult. Representatives of stakeholder and advocacy groups (ALAS Australia, Association for Adoptees, Origins Qld and Jigsaw Qld) were also interviewed as well as Claire Moore (former Qld Senator and Tracy Davis (former Qld Government MP).

The aim of the film was to raise community awareness of the history and impacts of forced adoption. To access the film click the link below.


Adoption & the ethics of secrets

Jigsaw President, Dr Trevor Jordan recently spoke to ABC Radio's Richard Fidler on Conversations. If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the podcast at the Conversations website

All artwork featured on the Jigsaw Queensland Inc. website has been supplied by Teresa Jordan. To see more of Teresa's beautiful artworks, visit .