Queensland Legislation Review


Jigsaw is excited about the current review around the Queensland Adoption Legislation: The Adoption Act 2009. Most of you would have already obtained your information and you may think your input into this review is not relevant - it is. 


The review will:


  • examine the impact of the Act since commencement

  • ensure that the Act is operating as intended

  • test the legislation against contemporary community standards


We need to hear your feedback around your experiences with accessing information under the existing legislation and any concerns you may have had. By sharing your experiences you will be supporting mothers, fathers and adopted people in the future to have improved access to their own information. Jigsaw is going to approach this in a number of ways.


We will be holding two forums to discuss relevant sections in the Act:



Saturday, 7th November - 1.30pm - 3.30pm

SANDS House, 505 Bowen Terrace, New Farm

RSVP by 5/11/15 to Jigsaw Queensland


Discussion of the relevant sections in the act pertaining to the release of identifying information around fathers and post-adoption siblings. Specifically:

  • previous and current ways of interpreting the legislation regarding fathers

  • should post adoption siblings be permitted to apply for adoption information?

  • what is the legislation and policy in other states?

  • what should the legislation look like?


Contact Statements

Saturday, 28th November - 10.30am to 12.30pm 

SANDS House, 505 Bowen Terrace, New Farm

RSVP by 5/11/15 to Jigsaw Queensland


Discussion of contact statements (previously known as vetoes). Specifically:

  • the history of vetoes / objection to contact / contact statements and the current legislation

  • relevant legislation in other Australian states

  • personal reasons why contact statements are lodged

  • pros and cons of existing legislation

  • Hansard of Adoption Amendment Bill 2015 - Victorian Parliament

  • What should the Queensland Adoption Act look like?


We appreciate that many of our former members may not be able to attend these forums and will be creating an online survey where people can give their feedback and contribute to discussions around this legislation.


For anyone wishing to write their own submission, don't hesitate to contact the Jigsaw team if you have any questions or require assistance witth this process.



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