Courier Mail - Saturday, 2 February 1991

the year that changed everything

This year (2021) marks the 30th Anniversary of Queensland's historic adoption legislation amendments that came into effect on 1 June, 1991. While the changes took effect overnight, the battle to see these amendments into fruition was the result of almost a decade of lobbying by many advocates, and a dramatic eleventh-hour bid by a powerful lobby group called the Adoption Privacy Protection Group (APPG) threatened to see it all unravelled. This page is dedicated to the mothers, fathers and adopted people who sacrificed their time and resources, often at great personal cost, to fight for the access to information and family we have today. On their shoulders we stand. 

Courier Mail - 26 February, 1991 (Journalist incorrectly refers to Jigsaw as Zigzag in parts of the article).

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