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2024 Dates

Mother's Morning Tea
For mothers who have experienced separation from their children by adoption.
When: A regular morning tea from 10am to 12 noon - 17 Jan, 20 March, 15 May, 17 July, 11 Sept, 20 Nov. 

Adoptee Support Group
For adopted people.

When: 2nd Saturday of Jan, March, May, July, Sept and Nov

Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Open Support Group

Open Support Groups are open to anyone affected by adoption. You are welcome to bring along a friend / family member for support.

When: 2nd Saturday of Feb, April, June, August, October & December.
Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm.



All Brisbane support group meetings are held at:
Ground Floor Meeting Room
505 Bowen Terrace
New Farm



If you live close enough or visit Brisbane occassionally, try to attend one of our Support Group meetings. Consistent feedback confirms that you will benefit in your own way. The faces may change over time, but the themes, questions and issues for those touched by adoption remain the same.


"When we attend an adoption support group meeting, we discover that we are not alone."



Support Group Meetings


Remembering that every volunteer and group facilitator in Jigsaw has been affected by adoption, it’s no wonder that the regular monthly meetings receive consistently positive feedback from past and present participants.


If you are concerned about what might happen at these meetings, please don’t be. They are a safe and caring space, even if you're not sure why you are there. No one is made to contribute their story, no one has to ‘do’ anything, but attendees seem to be able to get just what it is they needed to help them on their journey.


Each person has their own reason for coming and also their own reaction and benefit from being involved. As we listen with respect, we find commonalities and differences in our stories. Our pains and joys are not the same as those of others, even though they may be founded upon similar experiences of grief and loss. Listening to each other's stories we find hope that change and growth are possible.



Meeting Guidelines 


  • Always listen with respect

  • Only one person speaks at a time

  • Be considerate of those present (especially relevant for Open Groups as all are welcome)

  • Everyone is responsible for their own contribution

  • It's always your choice whether to contribute or just to listen

  • We agree to maintain confidentiality

  • Nothing leaves this space


Tips on getting the most out of a Jigsaw Support Group



  • Attend a support group before you NEED to attend a support group - Don't put it off! Things can sometimes happen quickly in adoption. You will not only learn some new things, but also make some good connections that could prove helpful in the future.


  • Come more than once - Jigsaw support groups are open to the public and all people affected by adoption to attend. It is hard to form a judgement about the benefit of the group for yourself without coming to at least a few meetings - six is a good number to aim for.


  • Appreciate similarity and difference - Everyone coming to a Jigsaw support group has been affected by adoption in some way. Many of us have had common experiences, but our individual stories can also be very different. Some are hopeful and even excited about their search and reunion, while others can be sad, despondent and, perhaps, even angry. In the group we support each other by allowing these feelings to be expressed in positive ways that keep us moving forward.


  • Know why you are attending - We all come to the support group for a reason. For some, it is because we have only just started to think seriously about searching for a relative and the possibility of having a reunion. Others are not sure this is what they want and seek an opportunity to listen to others who have been down that road before. Others come because they have already been contacted by a relative. Adoptees and mothers sometimes find it easier to attend their respective support groups at first. Attending the Open Support Group meeting can help us understand what it looks like from the other side.


  • Are you a facts or feelings type of person? - Some come to a support group very task focused - seeking help on how to get their information and looking for tips about how to find people. Others come for emotional support, taking the opportunity to share their feelings with others. We call these the outward and inner journeys of adoption. Whatever your reason for coming, be assured: you are on both journeys.


  • Support is a two-way street - keep coming - In the initial stages you may be seeking a lot of support from the group, but it is a good idea to keep in mind that your attendance encourages others as well. Continuing to attend a group, even after your own immediate needs are met gives something back, and we can always be suprised by the new things we learn at each meeting.


  • Do homework - Literature is available at all meetings. Read what you think will be suitable to you. The group facilitators can make helpful suggestions.


  • Further help is available - Support groups cannot meet all your emotional needs. Some will want to explore issues at a deeper level. The group facilitators can provide you with a list of individuals and organisations familiar with adoption-related issues who can provide face-to-face counselling.




“There is something comforting about being in a room with a group

of people and not having to say a word to know that they

genuinely understand what I am feeling”             

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