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Finding Joy

2022 Retreat for Adopted People

From the 7-9 October, Jigsaw Queensland's Forced Adoption Support Service (FASS) held a retreat for adopted people at Cedar Creek Lodges in idyllic Mt Tamborine. 

The theme of the weekend was 'finding joy' and participants fully embraced this search. In an atmosphere of safety, companionship and surrounded by rainforest, the group found common ground and mutual support.


In addition to a beautiful backdrop, the accommodation and menu provided by Cedar Creek Lodges was superb.

Liv and Stace from The Joy Dispensary led attendees through workshops centred around movement and therapeutic play, exploring the link between trauma and the body through body percussion and drumming. A calming end to the first day saw participants junk journalling to create a take home memory. 

Other workshops included Spoon Theory and how it relates to boundaries and self-care for adopted people and to close, participants worked together to identify their strengths using the symbolism of a dragonfly to represent change, transformation and self-realisation.

The retreat was possible through a partnership between Jigsaw Qld's Forced Adoption Support Service and Association for Adoptees and was funded by the Small Grants program Forced Adoption Support Services.



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