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Connecting for Support - helping people to move along their own path of discovery.

About Jigsaw Queensland Inc.


Jigsaw was established in Australia and New Zealand in 1976 and was incorporated in Queensland in 1988. Since then, we have assisted more than 30,000 people in searching for their biological heritage and many others who were not actively engaged in the process of searching or seeking a reunion. A growing element of our membership in recent years has been people who are well down the path of reunion and are consciously seeking to understand and know themselves better.


Jigsaw is a non-profit, member-based organisation relying on a combination of professional and trained volunteer helpers to provide a range of services to anyone affected by adoption. We rely on membership and donations from individuals, business and government to achieve our objectives and to help us provide ongoing services to our members and the community at large.


1991 - Legislation was amended in 1991 to make it possible to release information to people affected by adoption orders made in Queensland. This enabled people to conduct their own search and changed the focus of Jigsaw from a search-based organisation to an organisation focussed on providing information and emotional support to all people affected by adoption.


2010 - In February 2010, new legislative changes occurred in Queensland. Previous conditions surrounding Objections to Release of Identifying Information in the Adoption Act of 2009 were altered, in that on application, access to identifying information will be granted (although it is still possible to maintain Objection to Contact instructions already in place). Other areas were also impacted and can be viewed on the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services website. 

Regardless of where or when the adoption took place, Jigsaw Queensland offers confidential support.


Forced Adoption Support Services


In 2015, Jigsaw received funding from the Australian Government Department of Social Services to provide forced adoption services in Queensland. For a three year period Jigsaw will be able to deliver telephone information and referral, provide emotional support, assist with record searches and family tracing and offer face-to-face delivery of information where appropriate and possible. 


Professional staff will answer calls and provide information and support and put you in touch with a trained peer-support volunteer.


Jigsaw Objectives


To relieve the suffering, distress and helplessness of those in the community who have been affected by adoption, donor-conception and state wardship by:


  • providing information and emotional support 

  • assisting people directly or by referral in their search and contact with other parties

  • working with all relevant government agencies and other organisations to promote the welfare and rights of all those affected 

  • promoting changes in policy and practice that would promote the welfare and rights of all those affected 

  • providing awareness within the professions and the wider community of the issues impacting the welfare and rights of all those affected.

Annual Report


Jigsaw Queensland has been assisting Queenslanders affected by adoption now for more than 40 years. How times have changed since its formation in 1975. Read Jigsaw's 2016 Annual Report (attached below) to find out more. The previous year's report is also attached.

Client Privacy and Consent Policy

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