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2016 - Jigsaw's 40th Anniversary


"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing

upon the shoulders of giants." Sir Isaac Newton

Jigsaw Queensland celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016, marking four decades of work with people affected by adoption across the state. A number of celebrations took place to mark the milestone throughout the year, starting with the new website launch and ending with the lighting and climbing of Brisbane's iconic Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge. 

Jigsaw was established in Australia and New Zealand in 1976 and was incorporated in Queensland in 1988. Commencing towards the end of the Forced Adoption era, early Jigsaw clients had no access to information and saw the organisation as a way to form an independent reunion register as well as advocating for legislation reform. With no funding, it was comprised of many mothers who had a strong desire to find their children.


Peer support and volunteering played a crucial role in its operations across the following decades. Many families were reunited but its advocacy work would not bear fruit until amendments made to the 1964 Adoption Act in 1991. This brought little relief to individuals trying to find the missing pieces of their life as information was still considerably restricted.


Jigsaw continued its work in reuniting family members and advocating for legislative change. In 2009 the Queensland Government undertook the biggest legislative review ever conducted by the state by writing the new Adoption Act. Many mothers, fathers and adoptees now had access to information and Jigsaw Qld was there to assist people affected by adoption obtain their information and reunite with family members.


The year 2012 saw state and national apologies for forced adoption practices and federal funding to forced adoption services. Jigsaw Qld was the only state based organization to receive this funding across Australia, highlighting the reputation it had gained from decades of post adoption support work.


Now in their 40s, Jigsaw Qld is an organisation that continues to support all people affected by adoption. The organisation still values peer support and volunteers who work alongside paid employees, most of whom have a lived experience of adoption and continue to help others put their missing pieces together. 


Follow these links to explore the Jigsaw Timeline and the History of Queensland Adoption.

Thank you for your support and joining us to celebrate Jigsaw's 40th Anniversary.

Check out a video of Jigsaw's #YearinReview2016 below:





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