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Information Sheets: The following information sheets have been compiled to cover a broad range of adoption-related issues. Feel free to print them out for personal use or to display in your office or elsewhere. If sharing on social media, please acknowledge Jigsaw Queensland Inc.



Contact Tips for Adoptees





Preparing for Adoption Information





Adoption and DNA





Writing the First Letter





Approaching Birth Relatives





Emotional Support & Counselling




Searching Sites for Finding Relatives



Using Online DNA Tests to Find Relatives

Fathers and the Adoption Experience


Late Discovery

Discharging an Adoption in Queensland


Navigating Post Contact Relationships

Grief and Loss in Adoption


Search Basics Chart

Death,Wills and Adoption

As we all know two things are inevitable - death and taxes. Despite this, some people try and avoid all thought of death and put off making a Will to 'one day'. The problem of course is that death can be unexpected, and it is the living who have to cope with the decisions made, or not made. Isabel Andrews (Jigsaw W.A.) wrote a great article on this subject, which we included with permission on Page 6 of the 2019 Summer Bits and Pieces Newsletter . You can read it here: 

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