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Management Committee

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Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow


Jo first reached out to Jigsaw Qld in 1991 to search for her mother following legislative changes allowing access to identifying information. Since then, she has benefited from Jigsaw's support groups and has met both of her parents and a sibling. Jo has helped Jigsaw spread the word that help is available now for eight years, completing the helping skills course, producing news, marketing and media content, hosting and producing the Adopt Perspective podcast and building and maintaining the Jigsaw website.  She has worked in public relations for more than two decades and holds a BA Journalism and a Master of Public Relations. She has also researched in the area of adoption and using memoir to construct identity after adoption for the degree of Doctor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing). 

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Lois Buch


Lois  was in her early 20's when she reunited with her birth mother during the significant adoption law changes in Queensland in 1991. It was 2012 before she reached out to Jigsaw and started appreciating the   benefits of connecting with other adoptees and mothers of loss.  In her eight years of involvement, she is amazed at how her understanding of adoption  has grown exponentially.   She most appreciates Jigsaw's mission to respect every person's journey and story, with emphasis on peer support.


Robert White


Robert is happily married with two adult children and two grand children. He is adopted and was first involved with Jigsaw in the early 1990’s. He rejoined Jigsaw in early 2014 and has been on Jigsaw’s executive for the past four years.


Workwise, Robert is a registered Company Auditor and a Registered Tax Agent. He has had public practice experience dating back to 1975, having previously acquired his own practice in 1983. Robert is the Senior Partner of Advanced Accountants RTM Pty Ltd.


A Registered Company Auditor (RCA) as well as an SMSF Auditor, Tax Professional and a member of IPA (Institute of Public Accountants in Australia) and NTAA (National Taxation Accountants in Australia), Robert is involved with various types of Professional Development including taxation, accounting, audit and systems. Accordingly considerable time and effort is spent in being up to date with current business and accounting requirements.


Collette Glazebrook


Collette is an adoptee and author who brings a wealth of business and management  experience to the management committee. She has served the organisation in a voluntary capacity for more than two decades, including as treasurer and secretary.

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Heather Hermann


Heather is a mother who lost a child to adoption and has volunteered for Jigsaw for two decades as peer support and in office administration. Her firsthand knowledge of the impacts of adoption and understanding of Jigsaw Qld's values has been invaluable on the Management Committee. 

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Helen Taylor


Helen is an adoptee who discovered Jigsaw Qld in 1991 after moving to Brisbane from Sydney. A few years later she reunited with her birth mother and father. Helen tried for many years to manage the impact of her forced adoption, and challenging adoptive family experience, but over time it took a significant toll on her mental health, wellbeing, and relationships. Then in July 2019, she attended her first support group at Jigsaw Qld, and now cherishes how the adoption community supports her healing. With professional experience as an advocate and manager of social justice services, Helen is keen to contribute in whatever way she can to Jigsaw Qld’s future.

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