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A bequest is a very real way to make a positive difference to the support, connection, information and advocacy of people affected by adoption, state-wardship and donor-conception.


Why we need your support


Jigsaw Queensland relies on the support of members and donations to continue its important work. Without your support, the assistance we have already provided to more than 30,000 people could not continue.


How we use your donation


Jigsaw is a non-profit, member-based organisation relying on a combination of professional and trained volunteer helpers to provide a range of services. Bequests allow us to provide ongoing support, connection, information and advocacy for all people affected by adoption, state-wardship and donor-conception. 


A gift to Jigsaw Queensland in your Will can help us in all areas including to influence government policies for better legislation and to educate future leaders about related issues.


Your donation is valuable


Through a bequest, it is possible to achieve more and ensure more people are reached and supported. Leaving a bequest to Jigsaw is the ultimate expression of your support.


If you decide to leave a bequest to Jigsaw, please let us know so that we can keep you updated about our achievements and plans for the future.


Please contact Jigsaw on (09) 3358 6666 for more information about how your bequest can become your legacy.


Click here for an example of possible wording for your Will.


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