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National Adoption Awareness Month runs through 

November every year.


Every adopted child in Australia has two sets of parents, four sets of

grandparents, possibly two sets of siblings, a myriad of uncles, aunts,

and cousins, and maybe their own spouse and children as well.


Knowing someone affected by adoption is a common experience. Knowing

what it feels like to be a birth parent, adopted person or adoptive parent is

less common.


All adoption stories begin with loss, the loss of a child to adoption, the loss of

connection with birth family, or perhaps the loss of fertility. In the past the grief

associated with such losses was barely acknowledged.

Today, there is more awareness that adoption is a lifelong journey presenting

many challenges and creating many relationships along the way. With

information and support a story that begins with loss can lead to

life-enhancing connections.

If adoption is part of your story and you want to know more about moving

forward and making connections contact:

Jigsaw Queensland

07 3358 6666

Forced Adoption Support Service 1800 21 03 13 (Qld only)

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