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Figures show high demand for identifying information


03 December 2021


The latest figures released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) today, show

that on average, 42 Australians apply for information about a past adoption each week. 


Jigsaw Queensland President, Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow said the cohort of people seeking information is

gradually getting older and time is running out for them.


"Jigsaw Queensland continues to provide information and support to anyone affected by

adoption," Dr Sparrow said.


"Accessing information is not just an outward journey of discovery, it is also a profound inner emotional

journey for many.


"Jigsaw helps support people to reach their desired destination, to recover the first chapters of their life or to connect with their biological family.


"Mothers and fathers who were separated from their children by adoption also benefit from accessing information, helping them to reconnect with their sons and daughters and to heal some of the feeligns of loss and grief they may have experienced since the adoption occurred."


The full report can be viewed at the AIHW website.  


Jigsaw Services include:


  • Information, referral and support

  • Search and reunion assistance

  • Emotional support and assistance with record searches and family tracing

  • Monthly Support Group meetings


Information and support: 07) 3358 6666

Forced Adoption Support Services: 1800 21 03 13




Media contact: Dr Jo-Ann Sparrow - President of Jigsaw Qld – 0438 309 096


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