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Forced Adoption Support Service

How can we help?

The Forced Adoption Support Service (FASS) at Jigsaw Queensland is a free post adoption service which offers support, information, and referrals for people affected by past adoption-mothers, fathers, adopted people and extended family. FASS is staffed by professionals with experience and knowledge of the impacts of adoption.

We offer:

  • Telephone, face-to-face and online support with adoption related issues

  • Information on accessing your adoption records 

  • Information and assistance with searching for and making contact with your relatives

  • Support in managing post contact relationships

  • Services to raise community awareness of the effects of past adoption practices

  • Referrals to support groups, counsellors and other professionals

  • Small grants program to build community capacity for supporting people affected by adoption.

Impacts of Past Adoption

Adoption has significant personal and psychological impacts. Research conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies in 2012, found that for people affected by past adoption practices: 

  • Mothers have a higher likelihood of severe mental health problems and reduced life satisfaction and wellbeing. Many experience long term impacts related to the adoption including grief, anger, shame, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, low self worth, trauma reactions, and relationship issues 

  • People who are adopted are more likely to experience mental health problems, poorer wellbeing and higher psychological distress. They encounter problems with attachment, identity, fear of rejection, relationships and parenting 

  • Fathers who were often excluded from the adoption process may also experience mental health problems

  • The impacts of adoption also create ripple effects in families e.g. for spouses and other children.


For more information about what forced adoption is, go to the Forced Adoption page.  

How can you reach us?

You can phone us on 1800 210 313 (in Qld) or (07) 3358 6666 or email 

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

"Jigsaw offered me insight and support when I was trying to find out what it meant to be an adopted person in forced circumstances. They helped me to understand things from my mother's perspective and gave me tips on how to be sensitive in the reunion process." Chris, Adoptee
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