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Mothers Morning Tea


A mothers’ experience of loss can often lead to feelings of isolation.This group is for mothers who have lost their children to adoption and aims to provide an understanding support system and a safe place in which mothers can share their stories and feelings. 


Support meetings are not for everyone, but many mothers who have attended and continue to attend feel certain they have benefited from the experience. For some, the thought of going to a support group meeting can be scary and may conjure up images of previous “group encounters” -  where you sit in a circle and directed by a facilitator and must contribute your experience to the group.


Jigsaw Queensland support meetings are not like that at all. They offer a friendly, open environment around a coffee table so that mothers may reach out to each other, helping each other along the sometimes bumpy road that is the adoption journey.


For more information about Mother's Morning Tea meetings, you may care to check our Facebook page by clicking the icon below, where we post reminders of dates and other information or phone Jigsaw Queensland on (07) 3358 6666.


When: (2019) 13 Mar, 15 May, 17 July, 18 Sept & 20 Nov

Time: 10am to 12pm


Mothers Morning Tea meetings are held at:


Ground Floor Meeting Room


505 Bowen Terrace, New Farm



There is a $5 / head cost for non-member participants. members attend free of charge.

I wasn't able to say hardly a word for over a year, but I still found every meeting left me feeling less isolated. I'm a long-term attendee and find I still benefit from sitting in this healing environment.

Mothers Support Group attendee

It's helpful to be able to tell your story to others who really understand and to receive encouragement and straightforward ideas on how to resolve my own issues.

Mothers Support Group Attendee

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