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4th Anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption 

Brisbane, 21st March, 2017


On Tuesday, 21 March (2017), the Forced Adoption Support Service (Jigsaw Queensland) in association with ALAS, Origins Qld, The Benevolent Society and Association for Adoptees Inc, held a commemorative morning tea to honour the 4th anniversary of the Federal Apology for Past Forced Adoptions. The event included an art exhibition, My Adoption Experience, coordinated by Pat Zuber.

The My Adoption Experience artworks were diverse, but all reflected the pain and anguish of forced adoption as well as the potential for healing and connection over time. Attendees were prompted by the art to share their own stories and experiences and said the exhibit brought a lot of 'heart' to the day.

The full exhibition catalogue is available below as a .pdf. 

(The above acrylic on canvas (2017) artwork is titled 'Connecting' by Christine Denham. 'Thirty-eight years, 5 months and one day, I connected with my son. Now it's time for happiness and healing. The joy of familiarity, instant bonding, overcoming the sadness of so many lost years. The completeness of the family tree, your roots, your belonging. Really big noses, funny walks and strange, quirky behaviour, a new book in 'Pandora's Box'.'  

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